Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Ava's Holiday Gift

This is my first time participating in YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday! The prompt today is "What would be the ideal holiday present for your main character?" 

So, my main character is Ava from AN UNEXPECTED KINGDOM. She is a sixteen year-old who spends the first part of the book as a high school sophomore and the second part of the book as a sword-fighting savior of an entire country.  Clearly her gift requests from one year to the next would be pretty different.  As a result I am going to answer twice, once for Ava pre-destiny revelations and once for Princess Avanyarra (the fancey name for Ava after she goes to Leel). 
Pride and Prejudice

Ava's Gift:  First edition of Pride & Prejudice.  Since her mom and dad would not have the $85,000.00 that one went for, she would settle for this pretty cloth-bound version from Anthropologie.

Avanyarra's Gift:  Strong but flexible gloves to help protect against those pesky sword-related calluses (no link available!).


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  1. This is fun. Good choices btw. I'll play along even though you didn't ask. ;0)

    Kella: She is a hard one. She never really asks for anything. Maybe a set of brass knuckles or a concealable knife? Or she can always use a new hoodie.

    Asher: He already has everything, but he would want the latest albums by The Decemberists and Snow Patrol.


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