Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I don't know why I didn't just post last month that I was going on a blogging hiatus, but I guess I wasn't really sure then.  Life was way too busy and something had to give (and it's always the good stuff that ends up being sacrificed, right?).  I am such an all or nothing person and so when I thought to myself that I really didn't have time to blog, read blogs, Tweet, follow Twitter, and write (so sad), instead of just scaling back or picking one or two of those things to eliminate- I shut it all off like a faucet.  And I miss it (and all of you bloggies and twitterers), but I'm not ready to come back yet.  My husband talked me out of taking down my blog completely (I believe his words were "dramatic" and "extreme"), so I'll just put it out there- I am unfortunately and officially on hiatus.  If anyone out there in the world (other than my mother, sister, and mother-in-law) cares, fear not- I do intend to ramble on about books and writing again one day.  Hopefully I'll be back soon.