Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A lone ship no more

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had tried unsuccessfully in the past to join a critique group (my pathetic attempts will once again not be chronicled for your amusement) and that I felt a critique partner (CP) or group could help me improve my craft.  So thanks to the wonderful ladies over at WriteOnCon, I was able to connect with not one, but two wonderful writers who I think are going to be my CPs!  I exchanged chapters with both writers (they both happen to be women- but I don't want to talk about them here until I have their permission to do so) and we did critiques of each others' work and talked (and by talked I mean emailed) generally about what we are looking for in a CP.  I ended up connecting with both writers so one is going to be my critique partner for An Unexpected Kingdom and hopefully beyond with my YA work and the other is going to critique my MG work in progress, The Guardians of Ben Q. Flanders.  I enjoyed reading the first chapters of both of their novels and am excited to help both of them make their work shine.  Yay for critique partners!


  1. You can certainly talk about me if you want. But what I want to know is this: "lawyer/lifeguard/ cocktail waitress" was that the order you had those jobs?

  2. Jenny S. Morris said...

    First, blogger won't let me leave a comment under my account. Sucky.

    Second, you may talk about me as long as it's nice. (lol) And I'm with Rena did you really hold those jobs in that order?


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