Thursday, October 20, 2011

Confessions of an Unpublished Children's Writer

I read a post over at YA Highway from Kody Keplinger entitled The True Confessions of a Multi-Published Author.  So, I decided to reveal some confessions of my own. 

1.  I don't own an e-reader and I don't want to.  I am obsessed with the physicality of books and it kills me to think that they may soon be relics- that I may soon be a relic like those crazy people who still have answering machines or butter churns.  I am aware that holding on tightly to my paper books could make it more difficult for me to achieve my writing dreams, but I am holding fast.

2. I read so fast that I often don't enjoy a book the first time through because there is no time to savor it.  But, I can't slow myself down.  Books are my drug.  Luckily I am a huge re-reader (and book hoarder, I need to own books) so I get to spent more time with a book the second, third, fourth time through.

3. Happily ever after is one of my favorite phrases of all time.  I am a happy ending kind of girl.  I know it is not cool or edgy to admit that, but this is confession time, right?

4. Some days I think my writing is really good.  There are times when I read my stuff and think, "This is as good as most of what is in the bookstore right now.  I could totally make it as a writer."  I laugh at the right parts, cry at the right parts, and find a pleasing rhythm to my words.

5. Many days I think my writing sucks.  I can pick any page at random and find nothing on it that works.  These days are frustrating and if too many of them come in a row, it leads to a few weeks of non-writing. 

6.  It makes me sad that I can't get to the elusive 50th follower.  Really world?  Not ONE MORE PERSON could hit that button?  49 followers sounds so lame.  Laaaaaaaame.

What are your writing confessions?


  1. I'm your elusive 50th follower! YAY!
    Now you can have your happily ever after. ;D

  2. I snorted at number 6. Don't sweat the small stuff and round up.

  3. Yay! Emily is lucky 50. She's awesome!! #2 is totally me. I wish I could slow down. I don't buy books though, so I don't re-read that much. I love when #4 happens. And you should put your stuff down when #5 happens and e-mail me. I will remind you of #4!!

  4. Congratulations on your 50th follower!

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  6. PS- I have finally tricked Blogger into letting me comment! [rubs hands together in glee]

  7. Oops, typo! Let's try again:
    Sarah- I know! It's like having two different writers living inside you- who will win??
    Emily- [blows horn of happiness] YOU ROCK!
    Rena- Sweating the small stuff sometimes feels like my full time job!
    Jenny- Emily DOES rule! I promise to email you on #5 days. Your in-box should beware.
    Royce- Thank you! And I love your blog- your stories are great.


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