Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life got in the way

Oh gosh- it's been so long since I've posted.  For my, umm, dozens of readers, please accept my sincere apologies.  As my title says, work and life have gotten in the way of my blogging and writing.  Here are a few random things that I've been up to or thinking about:

1. I've read a few really good books in the past couple of weeks: SON OF NEPTUNE by Rick Riordan (I love, love, love Percy Jackson), MATCHED by Ally Condie (chilling and cool), and THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND by Jonathan Stroud (surprisingly biting wit and great fantasy).

2. I had my entire manuscript for AN UNEXPECTED KINGDOM read by my wonderful crit partner, Jenny, who usually reads my WIP (Ben Q.) and she provided some really excellent feedback.  I have to take some long deep breaths (the kind that take a few weeks) before really pulling it all apart.  It was incredibly helpful, and I believe, necessary, to have someone read the entire novel and then give me more of a review than crit comments.  The exercise helped me gain insight into the crit comments from my other C.P. Rena, who has given me extensive comments on my first few chapters.  Big virtual hugs to both my C.P.s.  For a funny look at what writers go through after getting critique, check out this post by JEFritz.

3. My dog Annie will not stop crying and my dog Boston will not stop pooping in the house when we go to work.  I know Cesar Milan would tell me it's my fault, but I'm at a loss in both cases.  Awesome.

4. I am dying to get my hands on AWAKE AT DAWN by C.C. Hunter!  I am supposed to be cutting back my book spending and it's so hard.

5. Who else is loving new shows, The Secret Circle and Revenge??

6. My baby sister gets married in two weeks.  Odds that I sob through my speech?  10-1 in favor.


  1. That post on CP's is funny! Loved Matched, can't wait for Crossed. I'm glad I could help with AUK. You've helped me SO much on TGT. Oh, Cesar if only he could come to everyone's house. Are the dogs used to you being home all the time? They might just be missing you. I have to check books out at the library. I can't buy everyone I want to read. I will have to check The Secret Circle and Revenge out. It's OK to cry. Just tuck a tissue somewhere discrete.

  2. Well, OF COURSE you'll cry - it's in the instruction manual on being the Bride's big sister :-)

  3. Oh, the dogs. I'll have to write about my dog, Indiana someday. He ate a couch. No, really, he ate the couch, not torn apart or destroyed, but actually consumed a couch...

  4. Jenny: Thanks for all the recent Twitter shout-outs. I am loving Tweeting more every day. You should check out The Secret Circle, I think you would dig it.
    Sarah: Yep, I will do that instruction manual proud with my sobbing!
    Rena: I need to know more about Indiana, the couch-eating dog!!


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