Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday- The Writing Retreat of My Dreams

This week the mission from YA Highway was to describe the ultimate writing retreat- where I would go, what I would bring, who would come with me, etc. I love this assignment! It would be a DREAM to take a week, a month, or three months to do nothing but write (and drink Diet Coke and read good books).

So, here is my answer:
Front Courtyard
I would rent a cottage in the French countryside (France won out over Scotland for weather reasons only).  The cottage would have a huge bathtub and a lot of hot water.
I would bring brand new writing supplies (this is a dream, right?)- new desktop Mac (I like them better than laptops), big whiteboards and corkboards, lots of colored index cards.  I would have an endless supply of American Diet Cokes (I learned the hard way last summer that Diet Coke is not the same in Europe) in cans as well as someone who would do the grocery shopping for me.  If I was there for more than two weeks, I would have periodic visits from my husband and dogs.


  1. That's a GREAT place to choose! *sigh* I'd love to get away even for a day! Ha ha. :)

  2. That sounds like heaven!! The next best thing would be US renting a place and going for a girls/writing retreat together. Now that would be awesome.

    Love the picture. It makes me want to jump on a plane.

    Oh, and we'd have to stock tons of coffee along with your Diet Coke. ;0)

  3. Chantele- I know! I am going to dream about getting away tonight for sure.
    Jenny- You hit the nail on the head. We are going away together for a WRITE-A-THON slash GIRLS GETAWAY. I am certain the lovely person who will do our shopping can pick up some French coffee for you!

  4. You are very right about Diet Coke tasting different in Europe :-)
    I love the French countryside as well but I may be bias (being French and all :-)). I could have chosen Brittany but I went with MA instead...

  5. Oh man, can I go there now? That sounds fantastic.

    ::wistful sigh::

  6. Commutinggirl- I am so interested to know how you ended up in Massachusetts from France! Are boys there at all like Etienne in ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS? Ha! (and sigh).
    Rena- Let's go there together; a CP holiday!

  7. That's sounds lovely. A visit to the French countryside would be a treat. Now I want to take a vacation out of the states even more.

    Awesome blog you have here. New follower! :)

  8. Ooo! I love it!! Can this be mine, too?

  9. Welcome David!
    Peggy- Yes you are totally invited!


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