Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is so hard

Changing the perspective of my novel from third to first-person POV is so incredibly difficult.  I knew it would be more than a "find and replace" of all "her"s with "I"s, but I had no idea that every single sentence would need a complete rewrite.  I am feeling a bit deflated. 
But, I know in the end it will make AN UNEXPECTED KINGDOM so much better.  I'll keep repeating that.  And chugging Diet Coke.
In the meantime, I am incapable of thinking of anything to post about today so here are the one-sentence reviews for some of the most recent books I've read.  They were all fabulous and I recommend them highly.  (I remain a staunch over-recommender; it's a fault of which I'm well aware.)

The Fault in Our Stars   by John Green
Not one, but two boxes of tissues were necessary to mop up my tears.

Across the Universe   by Beth Revis
Beth Revis makes great use of alternating perspectives and excellent writing to give an almost contemporary feel to this science fiction journey.

Howl's Moving Castle   by Diana Wynne Jones
The word that best describes my mood upon finishing Howl's Moving Castle is blissful- the tone of the story reminds me of the fairytale books I loved most as a child, filled with whimsy, humor, intrigue, and misunderstandings.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns    by Rae Carson
Gorgeous description and a heroine who learns her strength along the way make this beautiful novel unforgettable.

Shatter Me   by Tahereh Mafi
I am insanely jealous of Ms. Mafi's writing- the utter gorgeousness of this book defies description.

Has anyone else ever changed POV after the fact?  How did it go for you?


  1. The dreaded change of POV... Yeah, as it turns out, I have one in the works, but I haven't started it yet. For me though, there's no question, this is going to need a full rewrite. There are scenes and motivations that need to be explained and or changed. My voice has changed dramatically. The world has more to it now than it did when I wrote it the first time. So pretty much, I'm gutting the story. And since I'm going through it, I might as well change the POV at the same time. This isn't a standard POV changing edit, it's a full rewrite.

  2. I have a rough draft in the vault that I know will eventually need to be changed from third to first, fortunately I know most of it is crap and would need to be rewritten anyway.

    Do you have any tips for switching?

  3. I've changed the POV before... and ya it was an entire rewrite. I didn't change from third to first, but I did change from heroine to hero, so ya... COMPLETE rewrite. But I absolutely love love love the story now. Keep plugging along, in the end it'll turn out just the way you want it :)

  4. I can't I've changed my POVs. Not yet, at least.

    Love that list of books, btw.

    I gave you a shout-out on my blog today! :)

  5. I've made the change from third to first on two different manuscripts. Both times, it was more than just a matter of "find and replace", but adding and taking away little details too. Sometimes first person really opens up the character's perspective, and you realize you have to reword more than just the pronouns.

    New follower here, I'm glad I found your blog! Good luck with the POV change!

  6. I was writing a section for Asher (a kissing scene, shh) and I wrote it in 1st person because that's how I saw it. Then I stopped for a second and thought maybe I should rewrite the whole thing. Yeah, not going to happen. ;o)

    I have a feeling that changing the POV will be hard but still a great process for you!

  7. Rena- Good luck with the rewrite! Maybe we can groan about it together.
    McKenzie- My only piece of advice is to spend at least two days thinking about (just thinking, not reading) your story from the main character's perspective. Then you have his/her voice in your head when you begin.
    Cassie- Thank you! I love your positive vibes.
    David- Hi! Thanks for the shout out. I enjoy your blog.
    Shelley- Thank you and welcome! I do think this is going to make my story so much better.
    Jenny- Asher kissing... adorable! You'll get the results of my POV change someday soon (I hope).

  8. Oh, totally excited about getting the POV change. You can send it in sections you want. (hint, hint)

  9. I've never changed POV after, but I had a crit partner who did. It's HARD. I applaud you for taking the effort to do something like that! But if it makes the book better, it's all worth it, right?

  10. Keep at it, Megan! I can only imagine how tough it is, but YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever it takes to get AUK out there for the public to enjoy and love is well worth it.

  11. I had thought about changing POV before, but never actually attempted it. Good for you for being willing to put in the work! Your book is going to rock.

    I'm reading Across the Universe right now, and I read Shatter Me just a bit ago. LOVED it!

  12. Hi Shallee- Welcome and thank you. Hard but worth it is right.
    Caitlin- Best. Sister. Ever. Thank you for always keeping my spirits up.
    Peggy- Thank you, thank you. Wasn't SHATTER ME just amazing?? I know you'll love ACROSS THE UNIVERSE too.

  13. I've changed POV, but from 1st to 3rd.. and then back to 1st..... and then back to 3rd! yikes. I think the first change to 3rd POV was the right decision for my story, but then I doubted myself and also because there's something so appealing about 1st person.... but NO MORE changes for me.

    good luck! you can do it... it is a lot of work, but if it makes sense for the story you are telling, it will be worth it!!


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