Friday, May 20, 2011

Access to Books for All

The New York Times website recently featured a piece on one of my favorite charities, First Book.  Those of you who know me will likely recognize the name as I have hyped this wonderful group before.  Getting books to children who do not have easy access to them is hugely important.  Books were an integral part of my childhood and I can still see the effects reading had on me - becoming a great reader made learning so much easier for me and helped me to not lose my mind in law school, it gave me the ability to use my (perhaps overactive) imagination, and most importantly it gave me a thirst for knowledge.  I wish the same for every child.  Please visit the First Book website and give if you have the ability.
I submitted a short story version of The Guardians of Ben Q. Flanders to the Writer's Digest Annual Competition today.  It is really more of an excerpt (maybe a first chapter) because I just could not get a complete story arc into 2,000 words, but I am happy with it.  It also helped to solidify that this work is supposed to be a full-length novel.  I am going to move forward with that project next and get moving on An Uncertain Destiny

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