Friday, May 13, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Blogger (which hosts this blog) experienced some difficulties over the past few days and so I was unable to post and now my most recent post on listening (and my nice comment from writer Anne Greenwood Brown) is missing.  I hope it will be restored sometime today.  It's a coincidence that this technology snafu should be happening now because I have been thinking about how much I rely on my computer while at the same time completely ignoring it in favor of a chaotic life of scrap paper.  I can't decide if I am a computer person or not. When I first started writing I did a lot of my first draft and some of the first revisions longhand.  I do not know why or when exactly I made the switch, but for the past few years I have written actual prose almost entirely on the computer but still done all my notes and research by hand.  As a result when I want to look at an early draft of An Unexpected Kingdom or Marian I can go right to my thumb drive and call it up, but if I want to remember why I changed something I have to sort through piles and piles of notecards, napkins, folded notebook pages, bits of paper, and about six different journals.  If there is a less efficient system, I cannot fathom it.  I am trying to organize all of those notes so that I can make sure to have them easily accessible as I start to write the An Uncertain Destiny, the second book in Ava's story.
In real time news, I am just about ready to send out the other four of my first five queries. Due to a busy weekend, my goal is to get them out by Sunday evening.  Exciting!

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