Saturday, August 6, 2011


The day is here!  By the time the sun is setting over Boston I will be soaring through the sky on my way to Shannon, Ireland.  Unbelievably, this is my very first trip to Europe (and my husband's as well).  Our passports are very stiff and unadorned.  Luckily, we will have some very seasoned international travelers with us in the form of my sister and her almost-husband. We will be staying in Galway, Kinsale, and Kildare/ Dublin.  Towards the end of the trip is my cousin's wedding- she is marrying an Irish gentleman (bloke?) and quite a few members of my family are making the trip, including my parents who we are not traveling with us due to my dad's insistence on fishing, golfing, and horseback riding, none of which any of us like to do (including, I should note, my mother who WILL be traveling with him).  I will be driving a stick shift (which I have not done in at least ten year).  While sitting on the opposite side of the car.  On the wrong side of the road.  Hmmm.  Potential for disaster is high.
One thing I am not taking a vacation from is writing.  I have major revisions to do on An Unexpected Kingdom and this is a perfect way to force myself to start them.  It is hard to kill your darlings, which is why I find revision to be MUCH more difficult than writing.  I will also be doing some writing (yay) on The Guardians of Ben Q. Flanders.  I had been thinking for a while that adding a change of location to the middle of the book would help move along the story and Alice's character arc so I am thinking I may have them go to Ireland.  By sheer coincidence (no it's not) I will be in Ireland, so I can do research and jot down notes as we travel (at least until it gets too annoying for my companions).  I hope to have lots to share upon my return.  Erin go braugh!


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  2. Well I came to visit you from Jenny's blog just in time to wish you happy holiday!

    I had no problem with your blog loading btw :)

  3. Ooh, LOVE Ireland! I hope you have a blast and your Guinness mug overfloweth! There's this weird little natural history museum in Dublin (I think it's on the red bus tour), that cracked my sister and I up. I even put it in a YA novel I wrote. Very tiny, lots of weird, dusty taxidermed animals; check it out if you get a chance. I'm sooo jealous of your trip right now!

  4. Oooo! Have fun! That sounds so exciting! So exciting, I really wish you the best of luck actually taking a break from your surroundings to get to those revisions! :)

  5. @SarahPearson: Welcome and thank you for stopping by!
    @elizabethreinhardt: That museum sounds great- I wish I had been able to go. We ended up not seeing much of Dublin beyond the Guinness Factory and the airport.
    @PeggyEddleman: Thank you for the well wishes. I would love to say I got to the revisions (I didn't) but I did think about them. That counts, right?


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