Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finishing that thought

This post can be alternately titled "Here's hoping follow-through can develop with age".  Sunday evening I was at my parents' house and (at my mother's behest) was going through some boxes of my junk in the basement.  Nestled among the debris I came across a partial manuscript of a novel (humorous chick lit, written at the height of the Bridget Jones era, entitled Random Rantings of the Possibly Seriously Disturbed) that I had started while in law school 11 or 12 years ago.  I had completely forgotten about it and was both excited and nervous to read it.  The good news is that it was funny.  Intentionally, not like when I had "pubic" instead of "public" on page 51 of An Unexpected Kingdom. The bad news is that it was all over the place.  Hardly a single thought was complete.  It was clear that I could not be bothered to finish one chapter before starting another.  Reading it brought to mind all of the other areas in which my follow-through has left much to be desired through the years including piano, guitar, swimming, ballet, pretty much all exercise, shirt making (don't ask), bargain shopping, and recycling.  My point (I do have one) is that I want to believe that the accomplishment of finishing the manuscript for An Unexpected Kingdom was not a fluke and that I have it in me to write novels (which by necessity includes finishing them).  As my mom says: we'll see.

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  1. Finishing AUK definitely marks a new chapter (ha! pun intended) in your career as an author. I have no doubt about that.


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