Monday, June 13, 2011


I am back home, back to my computer, and best of all, buoyed by the Bruins' game six victory.   First, an update on my challenge to myself to write 10,000 words in the two days between late Tuesday night and late Thursday night:  I did not make it (boo), but I did end up with an additional 7,211 words added to The Guardians of Ben Q. Flanders when all was said and done.  My gross word total was certainly higher but since I am a compulsive editor, the net fell short of my goal.  Although I did not write over the weekend while I was away, I did engage in an exercise that I learned at the Grub Street conference.  I had really enjoyed a session on structure led by James Scott in which he explained the structure of the screenplay and how using the three act layout can help you shape your story even if it is a full-length novel.  I mimicked his set-up (see above) and it forced me think about specific points of my story and now I have a renewed sense of what is happening in my plot.  Yay for renewed sense of story!

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