Thursday, June 2, 2011

This will only sting for a minute

I knew it would happen and had been mentally preparing for it- my first rejection (the first of what could be many- hopefully not many, many).  I don't know if it's the eternal optimist in me or my overactive imagination, but when I saw that "Re: Query for An Unexpected Kingdom" in my inbox yesterday, my pulse quickened and my stomach lurched with a tiny thrill.  How amazing would it be if one of my top five agent choices, and the first answer I received, was a "hell yes- please, please send me more!"?  In a millisecond I was picturing us sitting in New York (possibly Central Park) talking about Ava and Eiden over Diet Cokes and Gray's Papaya hot dogs.  I would need to purchase cool sunglasses for the occasion.  And then I clicked on the message and saw the rejection- a pretty nice one, but a rejection all the same.  I'll admit it- I'm disappointed.  I guess if I'm not disappointed every time, it would mean I didn't really care, and I do because I love this novel.  The email seemed to be personalized, or else she just has a great form rejection.  She said that she "simply did not connect with the voice here enough to pursue this project further", which is a big ouch, but she also said "you're a very skilled writer", which is nice to hear (form rejection or not).  Four more out there- hope springs eternal!

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